The ABC's of Health and Healing 1

The ABC’s of Health and Healing

How can Parents, Teachers and their Children Live a Healthier Life?

Cheryl Martinelli

The ABC’s of Health and Healing is designed for children and adults. This large-format picture book makes a wonderful read-aloud for classrooms, sharing with family members, and includes more than forty beautiful and meaningful photographs by the author. The easy-to-read format includes resources for families to make healthy choices. This book is a great addition for families at home, and for teachers in the classroom.

Cheryl Martinelli have been an educator for more than thirty-five years. Whether teaching in the classroom or coaching out on the field hockey field, working with children has been rewarding and important work.

Her love of photography began while growing up in Nebraska. Developing film and working with light grew into a passion. Cheryl moved to Connecticut and continued this passion with my students.

After earning a M.A. in Integrated Health and Healing from The Graduate Institute, she knew that the importance of good health practices needed to be shared with children. This book was a labor of love that includes her writing and photography.

Cheryl lives in Harwinton, Connecticut with my husband and our boys – two golden retrievers, Captain and Husker.

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