Requesting Your Graduate Transcript

Official Transcript Request

To request an official transcript, click here and follow the instructions provided. You will be prompted for your student ID. This field is optional. The fee is $8 for an electronic transcript and $9.90 for a mailed hard copy. This fee must be paid by credit card when ordering.

Email to confirm receipt of your request.

Transcript requests are processed within 2 weeks after receiving the request and fee payment, so plan accordingly. Please confirm with the recipient that your transcript has been received. The Graduate Institute cannot be held responsible for electronic transcripts not downloaded or hard copies lost in the mail.

Students: Please confirm your grades are posted before requesting your official transcript.

Unofficial Transcript Request

For an unofficial transcript, please email Unofficial transcripts are emailed only and provided free of charge. Unofficial transcripts are for informational use only and are generally not acceptable for official purposes. They do not bear the signature of the Registrar.