Quiet Fire

Quiet Fire: Mindfulness in the Classroom

Lisa Harlow

An Experienced Educator Shares her Secrets for Improving the Emotional, Intellectual and Social Climate of Your Classroom.

In this clear-minded and practical book, Lisa Harlow offers a proven method for introducing the practice of mindfulness to your students. Extensive research has documented the benefits of mindfulness and meditation as tools for enhancing learning by improving student attention and engagement. Harlow’s approach puts a human face on that research, speaking directly to the most pressing issues facing you and your fellow teachers in the often-chaotic realm of contemporary education.

Includes Supportive Resources:

  • “Quick-Guide” Teacher Handouts
  • Sample Lesson Plans
  • Sample Journal Prompts
  • Access to Online Articles
  • Lisa’s Blog (

About the Author

Lisa Harlow is an elementary educator and a passionate life-long learner. Inside the classroom and out, Lisa finds joy in exploring new topics and experiences of interest to her. A graduate of Middlesex Community College, the University of Saint Joseph, Central Connecticut State University, and The Graduate Institute, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in English, a Master’s Degree in International Studies, and a Sixth Year certificate in Learning and Thinking. While pursuing her formal education, Lisa follows her heart to the areas that interest her most, from American authors like Walt Whitman and Ralph Waldo Emerson to the history of Guatemala-U.S. relations and, most recently, mindfulness.

Lisa’s hobbies include traveling, reading, writing, doing yoga, and spending time outdoors, where she enjoys gardening, walking her dogs, relaxing on the beach or near the mountains, and paddle boarding. She lives with her family in Connecticut. New Hampshire and Guatemala are her two favorite homes away from home and all three places have played integral roles in shaping who she is.

Lisa was introduced to mindfulness in 2015, and the lessons she’s learning have been transformative in her personal and professional life. She believes mindfulness practices have a huge potential to help us grow in many ways, and she’s eager to continue her explorations and share her findings with others.

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