Mission & Values

TGI buildingThe Graduate Institute is a state-accredited graduate school dedicated to promoting an Integrative and Holistic Worldview through the study of Health, Wellness, Education and Personal and Professional Transformation.


The Mission of The Graduate Institute, as an independent institution of higher education, is to provide transformative education based on an integrative and holistic perspective and specifically designed to enable students to reach their full potential in both their professional and personal lives.


Academic scholarship and education based on an integrative and holistic worldview will enhance a broad understanding of complex human issues, stimulate individual and collective awareness and wellbeing, and contribute to the betterment, sustainability and regeneration of community and society.

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Our Philosophy

Our renowned Masters and Certificate programs offer a practical new model for education which is grounded in a holistic worldview — seeing individuals, communities, families, organizations, and countries as whole integrated interrelated systems — a view which is increasingly essential for the uncertain, worrying COVID-dominated times we live in. Our programs help you uplevel your personal and professional lives in tangible, useful ways.


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Cohorts and Community

The Graduate Institute values the power of community. We believe that we learn more effectively in groups than we do by ourselves. Because of this, we conduct all of our programs in cohorts -- groups of adult students that establish a collaborative learning environment. The cohort model fosters dialogue and the vibrant exchange of ideas, helping each learner create meaning on a personal level while remaining connected to their larger group. This makes the learning process dynamic, relevant, and humanized.

Cohorts also create continuity in our master’s degree and certificate programs. By completing an entire degree program with a close-knit group of adult learners, students are able to thrive and grow in the safety, trust, and camaraderie of their community. In the cohort, each voice is respected and each student contributes to individual and collective growth and discovery.

A World of Support

At TGI, learning doesn't end in the four walls of the classroom. Our faculty and administration are always available to guide and support students during their studies. We also provide the following resources to ensure that what students learn at TGI will serve them in their personal and professional endeavors:

  • Hands-on mentorship and internships, which provide valuable training opportunities as well as potential career placements upon program completion
  • The opportunity to design and execute a Culminating Project, which helps launch students into the next stage of their professional life post-graduation
  • The ongoing feedback and expertise of faculty and program coordinators who can help students with internship and mentorship placements and Culminating Project development
  • Membership in our thriving Alumni Association upon program completion, which includes access to our Alumni Directory, annual alumni gatherings, and other educational resources made available especially for TGI graduates

Making a Donation to the Graduate Institute

Thank you for considering a gift to The Graduate Institute, a private, Connecticut, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-stock corporation – and the only completely tuition-driven institution in the state. Read More