Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation Classes

A Mindfulness Meditation Group led by Kimberly Ruggiero in a relaxed, comfortable environment either at The Graduate Institute or online. Each session lasts an hour and will focus on core Mindfulness skills, practice and group engagement.

For more information, email: ruggiero@holisticperspectives.org.

Mindfulness Meditation has been shown to aid in stress reduction, anxiety, depression, self-healing, and a deeper sense of self-awareness. In a world that demands more and more of our attention, learn how to tune inward and work with your mind, body and emotions; a process that neuroscientists now claim rewires and heals the brain.

People new to Mindfulness meditation are welcome as well as seasoned meditators.

Led by Kimberly Ruggiero

Kimberly Ruggiero is a long time meditator. She works as a transformational coach and artist. She has a BS in Chemistry, MA in Consciousness Studies and studied at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Art. Kim has training in MBSR and is certified through the Engaged Mindfulness Institute.