Just Like Me

Just Like Me

Barbara Connery

A Compassionate Resource for Dyslexic Children and Their Families

In this illustrated chapter book for families, Barbara Connery has created a work of healing fiction. Eddie is a third-grade boy who loves his parents, his dog, and summer vacations at Cape Cod. Although he tries very hard, reading is difficult for him. He finds support and inspiration from artists, educators, and most importantly, his own father. Meeting his favorite artist, Wendell Minor, changes his perspective after Mr. Minor shares that he, too, has dyslexia, a learning difference.

From the Foreword by Education Specialist Mary Jo Terranova

There are many books published today that help educators, parents, and students themselves understand what dyslexia is and how to help those with the disorder. There are very few books that approach the topic from the perspective of the child. Barbara’s book, Just like Me does just that. It offers the reader the opportunity to see through the eyes of a third-grade boy the potential frustrations and misunderstandings of educators and parents alike. This book is a must-read for families navigating the beginning stages of understanding and supporting their child with dyslexia. Barbara’s book is a refreshing way to view a student with dyslexia, focusing on the positive aspects of being a bright, inquisitive child. She offers hope to the families that this is something that can be overcome, with love, patience and a touch of humor. Barbara invites us into her own classroom with specific examples of how she makes learning to read fun, encourages individual passions and makes all her students feel like that can do or be anything.

Barbara ConneryAbout the Author

Barbara Connery holds a Master of Science in Elementary Education from Western Connecticut University and a Master of Arts in Writing and Oral Tradition from The Graduate Institute in Bethany, Connecticut. It was during her writing program that she embarked on the most significant educational journey in her almost forty-year teaching career. During this time, she investigated the correlation between dyslexia, difficulty in reading, and artistic inclination. With filmmaker Harvey Hubbell V as her mentor, Barbara met remarkable educators, parent advocates and neuroscientists, who shed a glowing light on teaching practices that could ultimately ensure reading success for all children.

Additionally, Barbara is currently a Ford’s Theatre National Oratory Fellow and is passionate about promoting oratory for all. For her efforts, she was recently awarded the Lincoln Teacher Leadership Award during a recent oratory festival in Washington, D.C. She has presented on the subject of oratory integration in numerous conferences including the Connecticut Teacher of the Year Symposium, Literacy for All Conference in Providence, Rhode Island and CASL and CECA Conferences in Hartford, Connecticut.

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