COVID Gathering Policies

Proximity (In-person) Gatherings & COVID-19 Policies & Protocols

Vaccination Policy:

All TGI students, faculty and guests are strongly advised to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to attendance at any in-person (proximal) TGI gathering (class, workshop, meditation, special event). For anyone (students, faculty, staff and, guests) who is unvaccinated and wishes to attend any in-person TGI gathering, a valid negative PCR (or NAAT RT-PCR) test must be completed within 72 hours of the start of each in-person gathering.

Note: attendees to all in-person TGI gatherings will be required to carry their COVID-19 vaccination card or their negative PCR test with them. RT-PCR (Rapid tests/ NAAT) will be accepted. The health and safety of our students is of the utmost priority.

While the COVID-19 vaccinations are emergency approved by the FDA, COVID-19 vaccinations will not be required for students attending classes (in-person/proximal, hybrid, or online). However, the above points all apply. Because there may be learners and staff members who choose not to be vaccinated or who choose to avoid in-person events, TGI will offer online access to all required class related gatherings. This may take the form of simultaneous webinars, or asynchronous learning including recordings.

Proximity and Physical Distancing:

It is the strong recommendation that all people who are present at in-person (proximal) gatherings keep a safe distance based on the recommendations of CT state and the Federal government. At this time (October 2021) a safe distance is considered 1.5 meters or 6 feet.

Mask Policy:

TGI is abiding by the recommendations of CT state and the Federal government regarding the requirement to wear masks while indoors.

In addition to government recommendations, TGI requires everyone to wear a mask while indoors, and requires unvaccinated folks to wear a mask both indoors and outdoors. The school strongly recommends that everyone wear a mask both indoors and outdoors.

Ensuring Compliance/Procedures & Considerations:

If anyone has questions about these policies and protocols, please email Carrie E. Neal.

These policies will be reviewed monthly or in response to changes in requirements by state and federal governments.