Coaching with Spirit provides coaches with a map of the human psyche

Are you already working in a relationship with others in a coaching capacity and seeking a model to work more deeply and intimately with your client’s inner world?


Coaching with Spirit: Level Two provides coaches with a map of the human psyche. In other words, it describes how the psyche works in fairly simple terms. And so we have a working model of what’s happening in our clients.

It’s a way of respectfully entering the client’s internal system and attuning to how that system wishes to change because the system wants to change. It wants to evolve. And if we’re able to enter it with deep respect, like we’re entering something sacred, we can collaborate with the client in activating the natural healing properties of their own system.


The client already has the wisdom to heal. We just help them leverage their own internal resources. So it’s a map and a method.

It also becomes a way of life. Because as you begin to understand how our psyches protect themselves and liberate themselves, it changes how we view ourselves and how we view others. We become more compassionate.


Guthrie Sayen developed the program and will be the Lead Trainer. Tune in to this short video to hear from Guthrie directly. 

Coaching with Spirit: Level Two is for people who have training in either coaching, therapy, spiritual direction, or anything else that allows them to have deep conversations with others.
So people who have developed their listing skills and also their skills around inquiry so that they know how to ask a question that invites people to go on an internal journey.
More about the Program:
CWS Level 2 is a deep dive into a powerful, non-pathologizing coaching model adapted from Richard Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems model called Parts Work.
This training is designed for coaches, psychotherapists, licensed counselors, and spiritual directors who want to incorporate this coaching model into their offering. The course offers 48 ICF-Approved CCE.
Even if your training was not through our Coaching With Spirit program, you may still qualify to enter our Coaching With Spirit Level 2 Training.
CWS Level 2 will transform you and your clients. It will help you heal old wounds and awaken to your full potential as both a human and a spiritual being. And that will empower you to participate in your clients’ healing and awakening.
The training synthesizes three big ideas: multiplicity, Self, and systems thinking.
Multiplicity: The human psyche is naturally multiple. We all have many parts or subpersonalities. When healed, these parts are wonderful resources that support intimacy, creativity, and wise action.
Self: This is the awake, aware center of every human, and it can be accessed more easily than most people imagine, by treating parts with respect and asking them to open space for Self.
Systems thinking: Our parts relate to each other in patterned ways. We need to understand that parts function in an ecosystem, that every part affects other parts.
Turning these ideas into a practical tool for working with clients requires deepening your understanding of the theory, seeing demonstrations of effective coaching, and supervised practice. That is what you will get in Coaching With Spirit Level 2.
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