A Climate for Learning

A Climate for Learning

A Teacher’s Guide to Creating an Emotionally Intelligent Classroom in the First Four Days of School

Lawrence Carroll

An Award-Winning Teacher and Educational Consultant shares his Transformational Techniques for Establishing an Emotionally-Intelligent Learning Environment

Distinctive educator, consultant and inspirational speaker Lawrence Carroll believes Aristotle’s decree that “education of the mind, without education of the heart, is no education at all” is a profound wake up call to modern American schools. His students would agree. This book reveals his work, techniques and perspectives to help you create a climate of learning where students’ hearts and minds can be opened, from day one of school.

“Those teachers who struggle in the classroom … omit the being of the child and the chaos they are swimming in.” Through anecdotes, class materials and real-life scenarios, Lawrence guides you to create an atmosphere where students can cultivate emotional intelligence (EI)–the greatest predictor of performance–in your classrooms.

Establishing a classroom that connects you and your students emotionally is a foundation for easeful learning and dynamic student engagement. Spend the first four days of school building relationships with your students. You will never regret it. Forget the wild rush into covering the curriculum as fast as you can. To truly take your students with you, they need to trust you. With a focus around emotional intelligence, you will begin to build that trust. The principles of emotional intelligence empower students toward greater self-reliance and social maturity.

In this concise and practical book, Lawrence Carroll shares the techniques, ideas and perspectives that he presents to educators in the U.S. and Australia. He has influenced the lives of dozens of teachers who have been changed by his work. In the book, you will have access to such resources as:

  • Rubrics design to foster EI
  • Sample Quiz for students to cultivate EI skills
  • Sample Posters to promote a safe classroom atmosphere
  • Access to Online Articles written by Lawrence Carroll Lawrence’s website (

By tapping into your own ease of being and teaching students to do the same, a safe environment for students emerges. Students begin to enjoy the process of learning.

It is this joy that is conveyed to you in this book.

As an educational consultant, inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator, experienced High School teacher, and Certified Professional Life Coach, Lawrence Carroll is committed to enabling individuals of all backgrounds to reach personal excellence. His work with clients, especially teenagers, is transformational. Lifting them from low self-esteem, anxiety and even depression he helps them improve their school grades, social lives and unnecessary meltdowns. Parents love working with Lawrence as they see results and changes in their children from as early as the first session. Lawrence’s work in schools and with educators in ground-breaking and timely. He supports schools to develop harmony and productivity with teachers and students. He works with teachers to improve classroom management and sleep better at nights. He seeks opportunities to implement these strategies through ongoing partnerships with businesses, school districts, sporting groups and students of all ages. Additionally, Lawrence facilitates new collaborative partnerships that result in the highest outcome for all.

Lawrence gives keynote speeches, individual coaching and workshops in the USA, Australia, England and beyond, to a wide range of groups and individuals.

Lawrence’s work is widely recognized. He was nominated for the “Distinctive Educator of the Berkshires” Award for his ability to educe learning in students, and presented on this work at the Oxford (England) Round Table. He’s given presentations at Columbia University, The Graduate Institute, Union College, the National Alliance of Mental Illness, teacher workshops at elementary and high schools in MA and New York State, peak performance sessions with Australian Youth sports teams, and more.

He serves on the faculty of the Master of Arts in Learning and Thinking Program at The Graduate Institute.

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