The Graduate Institute offers advanced programs of study leading to the Master of Arts degree. Each curriculum is designed to facilitate inquiry as the basis for learning and is designed to accommodate persons with busy lives. All programs are offered in cohort-based learning communities. Students in each cohort progress through the program together and meet during evenings, weekends, and summer sessions.

Each program is grounded in a self-contained cohort learning community that offers distinct content and presents a unique curriculum in contexts that are relevant, student-centered, culturally connected and experientially based. Programs are eclectic in content, focus and methodology. All require students to engage in higher-level critical thinking and independent study. A mentoring experience and culminating project are an essential requirement of each program.

Master of Arts Degree Programs:

Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology
Integrative Health and Healing
Learning and Thinking
Organizational Leadership
Creative Writing and Storytelling

Graduate Certificate Programs:

Consciousness, Transformation, and Mindfulness
Integrative Health and Healing

Professional Training:

Coaching With Spirit - Coach Training