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Why Holistic Transformative Education is Essential Post-Pandemic

If there was any doubt that humanity and Mother Earth are one interconnected system, the pandemic should have erased that notion for good.

Never in the history of this planet (bold statement right?) has one event affected everyone physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially at the same time — and we are all aware that we are all going through this together!

One whole interconnected system.

Just like you and me. All of us are inextricably integrated as physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual beings.

In late November 2009 I sat in my doctor’s office nervously as I was about to hear the results of tests. After the words “it’s definitely cancer” came out of his mouth, do you think mine was just a physical reaction? Of course not. Every part of me was on high alert – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and of course physically.

Because each one of us — every single human and every other organism on this blue jewel of a planet — is a whole system.

Every day we interact, sometimes harmoniously, sometimes incoherently, with other whole systems.

We can’t separate one part from another. Of course, we do create separation all the time. We ignore the promptings of our heart or body and tell ourselves we’ll be fine. We spin uncontrollably in mental loops and assume this won’t impact our health.

The list goes on and on of ways we have been trained to separate ourselves instead of unite and integrate ourselves.
Thinking, Being, Feeling, and Seeing Holistically – The Graduate Institute.


Holistic thinking is not new to me but to find an institution of higher education on the East Coast that teaches precisely these ideas was thrilling when in November 2019 I learned of The Graduate Institute for Holistic Studies (TGI) for the first time.

Based in Connecticut, TGI was founded in 1999 to provide masters’ degrees and certificate programs in five areas of holistic studies. As I started learning more about the organization I was struck by how much potential there could be to develop these ideas more broadly for a world in crisis.

The Cohort Model

I discovered — through talking with dozens of enthusiastic alumni – that a core strength of TGI is its cohort-based learning model, where for one weekend per month for one or two years, you work together with others with your same interest, sharing, growing and learning holistic practices and principles together. As one whole system, with its unique individuated parts like you.

I was asked to become an Advisor to TGI and the visionary side of me kicked into high gear.
I began envisioning a network of aligned organizations all over the world, all dedicated in their unique ways to fostering holistic approaches to learning, health, community-building, breaking down barriers between people, opening up hearts and minds to see life from more holistic, wholesome, connected, and compassionate ways.
When in June 2020 I was asked to become President, I knew an exciting transformative journey of personal and professional growth was about to begin.
Dive into our holistic world and see what resonates for you. Our enrollment is happening and there’s still time to join the TGI family.

Integrative Health & Healing
Learning & Thinking
Coaching with Spirit (ICF certified)
Consciousness Studies & Transpersonal Psychology

The pandemic has brought everyone in every part of planet earth new challenges to grow or stagnate.

It has forced organizations to re-think and re-envision their purpose and how they create an impact in the world.

We at TGI are also in a big transition period to see how to take our beautiful educational model — which has already touched and transformed the lives of thousands of individuals – and bring it to a larger more global audience.

We would love for you to get to know us, so check out our Events page for regular webinars.

We believe that the future is holistic and we’d love for you to be a part of this future!


Bruce Cryer


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