We Need a New Story [about the starting point for education]

Reading my friend and colleague Jim Trifone's wonderful post yesterday, I was reminded of a video I did in 2013 for one of my classes with the same general title as his article but examining a different aspect of the ways in which our collective Story needs to evolve. I hope you enjoy it even though it's a tad long (sign of the times - I've been advised that asking people to listen to something that's 13 minutes long is now unheard of. Ah well, I've never been terribly fond of advice on matters of self-expression 🙂

This is one small slice of a very large conversation but, inquiries like the one in this video are at the core of the M.A. in Leadership program at TGI - more to the point, taking action from these kinds of inquiries, from a re-framed relationship with "Reality" are at the core of the MAOL experience. We'll be releasing several new videos over the rest of this year that present other inquires - I hope you find them of value.

A.M. Bhatt is Academic Director of the M.A. in Leadership program at TGI and founder of the Center for Leadership Studies and U of Next.

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