Recharge, Release, Renew

Transform your ‘Daily Grind’ into a ‘Sacred Grind’ with Kara & Doreen, the Holistic Nurse

 Would you like your ‘Daily Grind’ to feel more like a ‘Sacred Grind’? And are you feeling drained and overwhelmed by the pandemic?

Join us for an exclusive 3-part webinar with Emmy Award Winning News Anchor Kara Sundlun and Holistic Nurse Doreen Fishman on how to manage stress, daily demands and emotions to create meaningful change in your hectic life without quitting your day job!

Learn how to transform overwhelm to joy and ease without quitting your day job!

Sponsored by WFSB-TV in support of The Denise D’Ascenzo Foundation


Part 1:  February 11

Master your Day

Kara Sundlun mainstreams the metaphysical with Spiritual Life Coach and Board-Certified Holistic Nurse Doreen Fishman to teach simple yet powerful meditation and manifestation techniques to ease overwhelm and soar in 2021.

  1. Master a morning routine to create more joy all day by learning how to connect to your heart center
  2. Access the most powerful part of your being to create the real change you want this year
  3. Time management to meet your soul goals: How to plug your energy drains to manifest your desires

LIVE Q&A for personalized coaching


Part 2:  February 18

Master the Art of Communication

Kara reveals the secrets broadcasters use to communicate with confidence so you can ace your next zoom! Plus learn how to use Denise D’Ascenzo’ s principles for success to align with your purpose: Be Open. Be Brave. Be Kind

Doreen will show us how to use the wisdom of metaphysics to heal relationships and ease family conflict during the quarantine.

Part 3:  February 25

Supercharge Your Body

Join Kara and Naturopath Dr. Artemis Morris for cutting-edge nutritional solutions to increase energy, lose weight, improve moods and superpower your immune system during the pandemic.

Kara will guide you on a fun and inspirational journey of personal growth!

Clear way the energy drains of 2020 to release what no longer serves us while integrating the gifts of these challenging times.


A 3-Part Zoom Webinar Series

February 11, 18 & 25 from 6:30 – 8 pm EST




Registration for the entire series: just $75:

Each session will be recorded for your convenience in case you have to miss any or all of one of the sessions, and a link will be sent to you after each presentation.

Save your spot & register here. 



Please contact Joyce Logan


You may also hear from our President, Bruce Cryer, when you join the webinar here!


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