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Facilitate Transformation in Others – Coaching with Spirit!

Coaches facilitate transformation in others. That’s why they coach. But first, they must undergo their own transformation. They, too, must go within and find the inner light that will guide them.

Coaching with Spirit trains coaches to find their own natural way of intuitively guiding and helping others through lessons learned through their own personal transformation.

This webinar took place March 31, 2021.

Here is the recorded event.


This dynamic one-hour webinar, led by the creator of Coaching with Spirit (CWS), Guthrie Sayen, PhD, PCC, will feature Guthrie leading a participant through a coaching session while demonstrating how coaches facilitate transformation in others. Coaching with Spirit is both practical and profound. The program arms coaches with a map of the human psyche while teaching the skills and strategies to work effectively with clients.

“Do you ever ask yourself: If coaching is what I am designed to do, why am I sometimes dissatisfied? And, why can’t I do for myself what I am doing for my clients?

Coaches often harbor a secret sense of not being good enough. Few things are more painful than being called and feeling that you are falling short at your calling.

Your pain is the hidden door into who you are and what you are most skilled at doing for others. This is true no matter where you are in your career, whether you are a coach in training or a competent coach moving into mastery or a master coach moving into artistry.

Coaches are here to heal the world, to end suffering, to bring the light of love to others. To do that, we must heal ourselves. We must come home to ourselves, so we can help others make the same journey home.

This core in each of us is naturally whole, wise, loving, and good. Coaching with Spirit helps coaches access their Self energy so they can clients support their clients in gaining access to their own Self energy. Because the Self inside each of us is naturally resourceful, creative, and confident, once clients get even a taste of it, they can begin to more easily discover the solutions, directions and meaning they seek.” – Guthrie Sayen, PhD, PCC

Coaching with Spirit is a non-credit training program which has two levels. The Coaching With Spirit Coach Training Program’s client-centered coaching facilitates the unfolding of the client’s own inner strengths and potential. The development of self-awareness embodied wisdom, intuition, and manifestation are central to this training.​

The Coaching With Spirit Coach Training Program is approved by the International Coaching Federation.

Guthrie Sayen


Guthrie Sayen created and leads Coaching With Spirit, the ICF-accredited coach-training program offered through The Graduate Institute; he also creates and leads advanced training programs for coaches and faculty at Leadership That Works, an ICF-accredited coaching school; and he co-created and offered advanced training for coaches at the True Purpose Institute, dedicated to serving change agents, messengers, and visionaries. Guthrie mentors coaches at all levels of their careers from beginners to seasoned masters. In his private practice, he works with wounded healers, helping them do for themselves what they are called to do for others. He also helps seekers come into the presence of the Divine so that they can live their soul’s purpose. His mission is to end suffering on this planet. His website is

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