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How Transformational Coaching Can Help You Move From Inner-criticism To Self-compassion

Do you often doubt your own abilities?  Feel like an imposter, judge others, think you’re not good enough or find yourself questioning your purpose?  Join us for an hour with two dynamic Life Coaches – Barti Bourgault and Lynda Mettler. Lynda will help you to move out of your head and into your life! Hosted by Barti Bourgault, who is also a Mindfulness Teacher.  She received her Master’s in Consciousness Studies and Coaching Certification at The Graduate Institute.

This webinar took place August 19, 2021. Here is the recorded event.

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More about Presenter: Lynda Mettler received her coaching certification from The Graduate Institute. She is a transformational life coach, Reiki master and meditation instructor.

Tune in to this short video below to hear from Lynda.

In her own words:

“My story is like many who find themselves later in life. I built a successful career in marketing and advertising, but yearned for something more satisfying and meaningful. In work and in life,​ I felt like the Ugly Duckling forever seeking my swan community. If I could just find my people, or make myself into someone who fit in, I would find a home.

When I discovered transformational life coaching, a fire lit in a part of me that had been long hidden from my view… my intuitive, wise self. And here I found the home I had been seeking, burning a candle in wait for my arrival.

Once I reconnected with my true self, I felt whole again, a feeling I hadn’t known since I was a child. And with it came an abundance of confidence, compassion and courage.

It was here that the answer to the burning question finally revealed itself — that I was meant to lead others in discovering their own true nature through this journey of healing and transformation.”

Lynda Mettler
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