Mindfulness Workshop

Consciousness, Transformation and Mindfulness Weekend Workshop

How we are waking up in order to create a new more beautiful world.

We live at a time of rapid change. Challenges and confrontations are all around us. The old ways of explaining the world are less helpful than before. ­Climate change, extinction events, and environmental crisis on the global scale, is interwoven with job insecurity, breakdown of civil discourse, lack of intimacy and profound levels of loneliness at home.

Life has become both more precious than ever—and more precarious.

                            How we spend our days is of course, how we spend our lives.  ~ Anne Lamont

In this workshop we will help each other live our days in more intentional ways. We will help each other to release the habits and defenses that prevent us from opening to more meaningful conversations and more conscious ways of participating in our lives. We will explore the “three pillars” of waking up:

                                                        Consciousness, Transformation, and Mindfulness

Saturday: 9 am – 5 pm
Consciousness and Transformation: A Learning Journey

Saturday we will explore how consciousness expresses itself throughout the living world. We will see that we are not alone in this journey, as individuals, or as people. Rather, we are accompanied by the myriad beings and agents (living and physical) with which we co-create our world. Consciousness expresses itself as a world-building force. As humans, we build worlds for ourselves and in the process shape the world for other creatures and other events (like weather). Similarly, the geological, climate, and life processes on the earth build worlds for all creatures and shape the world for us. Consciousness is a polymorphic participation!

Sunday 9 – 3 pm
Mindfulness: Practices for Genuine Happiness, Creativity and Flow
Living an intentional and transformative life is not easy. Mindfulness practices can help us build capacity to see more clearly, feel more deeply, and live more fully.  On Sunday we will practice simple but powerful exercises that engage the body and activate the mind in order to better access and cultivate the energies of happiness, creativity and flow states of mindful awareness.

Three opportunities: June 22 – 23; July 20-21; or September 14 – 15.

Location: The Graduate Institute, 171 Amity Road, Bethany, CT

Bonnitta Roy is an independent scholar, international presenter and award-winning author. Before earning her masters’ degree at TGI, she was already considered a pioneer in her process approach to evolutionary theories of consciousness. She won an award by identifying the key characteristics of a new mind which we can see emerging with the complexity sciences today. She applies her models to help organizations become more open and participatory, enabling workplaces to become more authentic to the whole experience of being human. She is passionate about the living world of animals and nature, as mutual participants with us in the unfolding of our planetary potential.

Cost*: $160 for Saturday and Sunday

           $ 90 for One Day (Saturday or Sunday)

*Workshop fees can be applied towards tuition for the Masters in Consciousness Studies or the 6-Credit Certificate in Consciousness, Transformation and Mindfulness. When you apply, the amount paid will be deducted from tuition.

Current MA Students and Alumni receive a 20% discount.

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