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One with Sound with Barbara Soares – The power of sound to relax, the power of play to inspire, the power of no-thoughts to deeply listen.

September 22, 2021 @ 6:00 pm EDT


Experience a holistic sound healing session with Barbara Soares, a graduate of Integrative Health and Healing from TGI. She is an innovative teacher and healer and is also known for the Hummingbird Sound Journey which she will be sharing in this immersive webinar.

This event took place September 22, 2021. Here is the recorded event.

Explore where sound vibrates in your body. Learn how simple humming and self-created sounds can reduce stress and enhance your well-being. Free your unique voice with play/grounding and deep listening exercises. Experience hummingbird’s powerful medicine that teaches you to listen, sound and be deeply in the present moment.

About Barbara

Barbara Soares practice is Hummingbird Sound Yoga, LLC, holds an MA in Integrative Health and Healing from the Graduate Institute, with undergraduate training in creative arts expression from The New School and Pratt Institute. Certified by the Integrative Sound and Music Institute of the NY Open Center, Barbara has studied Sound Healing with Silvia Nakkach, John Beaulieu, and Don Conreaux.

Barbara is a yoga and vocal yoga teacher, blues/jazz singer, Reiki master and fine art photographer certified in several modalities of energy and sound healing. She offers Hummingbird Sound Yoga and Humming for Health workshops, where she uses vocal toning, breath work and yoga to help individuals find and free their voice to improve vocal confidence, reduce stress and relax.

She also holds an AB in Chemistry from Barnard College where her study of quantum mechanics, particle theory and comparative religion provided her with a strong foundation for her energy work and belief that we are all connected: our body is a complex equation of vibrating, rotating and translational energy.

Barbara (Bobbi) Soares 
New Milford, CT
Facebook @HummingbirdSoundYoga


September 22, 2021
6:00 pm EDT
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