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Is Transformational Education the Future?

September 8, 2021 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm EDT


Transformational education is at the center of the Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology Program at The Graduate Institute. Join us for an interactive session and with an extraordinary scholar and author – Bonnitta Roy. 

This webinar took place Sept 8, 2021. Here is the recorded event.

Learn more about the Transpersonal Psychology program at TGI – Consciousness Studies 

We honor the direction of change that is already happening in each person, and support whatever transformation is already wanting to happen. If you are reading this there is probably already something in you that is changing. Your center of balance is moving. Something new in yourself is wanting to emerge.

Transformational processes are emergent processes that unfold over time. They can be accompanied by different states, or any combination of states, or a series of states—low energy states such as sadness and depression, anxious and fearful states, or high activation states. This means that transformational processes are difficult for us to navigate by ourselves, especially in a society that shuns such processes or fails to assign their importance in a person’s development over their lifespan. Being in a cohort with others who are navigating their own transformational journey is an exceptionally valuable and effective course to follow when you are undergoing these significant periods of human development.

In the Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology course, we have a transformational philosophy of education that understands the non-egoic evolutionary potentials of the core self. We understand the biological, neuro-affective, and psycho-spiritual processes that are involved, as well as how they interact to prepare the person to become a higher version of their self, a more authentic expression of their truth, more aware of their deeper, inner being, more confident in sharing their unique gifts in the world.


Humanity is growing ever more interconnected and interdependent.

We believe academic scholarship and education must be founded on an integrative and holistic worldview in order to enhance a broad understanding of complex human issues, stimulate individual and collective awareness and wellbeing, and contribute to the betterment, sustainability, and regeneration of community and society.

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Learn more about how holistic education can make a difference in your life. Our programs help you uplevel your personal and professional lives in tangible, useful ways. We hope to see you at this webinar. 

The future is now. Join us.

Presented by

Bonnitta Roy, MA; Academic Director, Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology, The Graduate Institute

Bonnitta Roy is an independent scholar, international presenter, and award-winning author. Before earning her Master’s degree at TGI, she was already considered a pioneer in her process approach to evolutionary theories of consciousness. She won an award by identifying the key characteristics of a new mind, which we can see emerging with the complexity sciences today. She applies her models to help organizations become more open and participatory, enabling workplaces to become more authentic to the whole experience of being human. She is passionate about the living world of animals and nature, as mutual participants with us in the unfolding of our planetary potential.

Hosted by

Carrie E. Neal, MAT, MA, MS – Program Coordinator and interim COO, The Graduate Institute

Carrie E Neal is an educator, administrator and artist who has spent the last 20+ years working in, and with, education institutions, small companies, and NGOs. As a process facilitator and coach, Carrie has led curricular and structural change, created and facilitated learning, equity, diversity and inclusion workshops, and created opportunities for leadership development for students, faculty, community members and administrators at several local, national and international organizations. Leadership development and resourcing is an important part of the work that Carrie does in institutions.

Carrie comes to the table as an integral thinker, making connections between diverse fields of study, and finds ways to connect the ethereal with the practical. Bringing interest and training in design thinking, strategic analysis, facilitation, social justice, and education, Carrie partners with folks individually and in teams to assess current situations and make plans for the future.


September 8, 2021
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm EDT
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