Programs in Ecological Studies & Nature Awareness

Deep Ecology Reconnecting to Nature

The Certificate in Ecotherapy and Cultural Sustainability - 12 Credits

Ecotherapy is an emerging idea that is predicated on this simple philosophy, that the presence or absence of nature is directly connected to individual and communal health. Ecotherapy is all about coming home into the natural world, recovering what the Indigenous have known and practiced for thousands of years. It is here that we find our innate wellness.

The Certificate in Regenerative Design - 12 Credits

Combining Deep Nature Awareness with a holistic orientation, regenerative design utilizes a process-oriented approach to the design of the built environment, from agriculture to human spaces. Unique to this program is the role of mindfulness and consciousness along with participation within nature in creating a more beautiful world.

Coaching with Spirit: How to Co-Create Transformation - 4 Credit Course or non-credit

A unique training by bridging self to spirit through discovering inner passion, the exploration of perspectives, being in the present moment to bring your clients to be in the present moment, plus a module on Parts Work (Internal Family Systems).

Combine the Certificate in Ecotherapy to become a Nature Awareness Coach.

Earn a professional coaching certification from the International Coach Federation (ICF)