Diploma Policy and Transcripts


One must complete their program and have all work submitted/approved by the Program Coordinator before a diploma is granted. All diplomas will be granted following approval of TGI’s Board of Trustees prior to graduation.

Diplomas will be sent to graduating students by mail following graduation. Diplomas, like transcripts, are not created in-house but by a third-party vendor in conjunction with TGI.

To receive a diploma or an official transcript from TGI, alumni/active students must be up-to-date on all tuition and fees.

Transcripts will only have the date of graduation and name of the program following Graduation/Commencement ceremony at which time one’s degree is officially conferred. Even if the program has been completed, the date of graduation and the name of the program will not appear on the transcript until graduation/commencement takes place.

TGI works in conjunction with National Student Clearinghouse to provide official paper and electronic transcripts to our alumni/active students. To request an official transcript from TGI click on this link to TGI’s official website http://holisticperspectives.org/request-transcript/ and following directions as they appear.


To request an official transcript:

1) You will need your TGI student ID number which is found in your Orbund record. If you cannot find it, contact your PC or the Office of the Registrar.

2) Pay the fee as prompted on the NSC website; $8.00 per each electronic transcript requested and $9.90 per each mailed hard transcript requested.

3) Indicate whether you are requesting a paper or electronic transcript.

4) Indicate how you wish the paper transcript to be sent.

5) Indicate the exact email address or name and physical address where your official transcript should be sent.

6) Plan accordingly. Allow 2-weeks between the time the transcript order is placed and received.

7) TGI-Office of the Registrar cannot edit your request once it has been placed with the National Student Clearinghouse website. However, should you make an error, TGI can cancel your order and you can place a new request.

8) Unofficial transcripts (electronic only) may be requested at any time from the Office of the Registrar at registrar@holisticperspectives.org free of charge.

9) Lastly, if your employer requires your official transcript to contain the name of the program and graduation date, prior to graduation, please contact TGI’s Provost, Judith Hackman (hackman@holisticperspectives.org), who may write a letter to your employer.