Programs in Consciousness & Psychology

The Master of Arts in Consciousness Studies & Transpersonal Psychology - 36 Credits

A two-year program program that explores the nature, role, and development of human consciousness and transpersonal phenomena such as awakening, enlightenment and unity consciousness. Students engage in meditation and somatic-awareness practices, learning to access their own intuition and embodied wisdom, as well as gaining transpersonal insights.

Consciousness, Transformation & Mindfulness Certificate 6 Credits

A six-month program that provides a taste of the Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology program, covering states and structures of consciousness and self-realization.

Students in this program are part of the MA cohort and have the option to matriculate to the MA program.

Coaching with Spirit: How to Co-Create Transformation - 2 Credit Course or non-credit

A unique training by bridging self to spirit through discovering inner passion, the exploration of perspectives, being in the present moment to bring your clients to be in the present moment, plus a module on Parts Work (Internal Family Systems).