Anna CleyIntroducing our first Artist-in-Residence: Anna Cley

We are excited to announce our first Artist-in-Residence at the Graduate Institute for Holistic Studies. In our ecosystem and academic community we recognize the need for bringing in new leading edge ideas, programs and faculty, but to also dramatically increase the importance of Arts and Culture in our institution.

A truly holistic education requires development of the creative dimensions of being human. We are making a stand for this vision in our institution and in our community by creating this Artist in Residence program to not only showcase extraordinary talent to our community of students, staff, alumni and greater community, but also to glean from the expertise of the unique life of our selected Artists to enhance our general programming and curricula.

About Anna Cley

Anna Cley is a globally recognized mezzo-soprano who has performed for opera audiences around the world. She is the founding President of VOCALISE, a charity seeking to empower children and youth impacted by trauma. She transitioned from a successful career in aerospace engineering to opera, she volunteers in hospitals for children, and she is an Ambassador for Veterinarians International. In the worlds of art and culture, she is the author of The Journey of the Heart, Music Director and vocal artist for My Hope Bear, Creative Director and lead artist of Opera Network, Artistic Director for Zen Moose Capital, and prime creator for SCRPT. Her latest album Opera en Code was released in 2020.

Anna's entire life has seen a deep striving for excellence, meaningful endeavors and growth. Anna Cley is also a contributor to our blog at TGI. To learn more, visit:

"Sustainability, resilience and benevolence are my core values. The question that always drives me is: WHAT can we create right now from where we are and where we come from?"

— Anna Cley

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